Macgochans, Tobermory

Macgochans, Tobermory

On a trip to Tobermory, Isle of Mull last summer, we came across a brilliant little pub nestled to one end of the town. Macgochans, offers ‘top live music, local food, lazy afternoons and great craic’ and it certainly did.

After arriving at our cottage and getting ourselves settled (following a gruelling 15 hour journey!) we felt an afternoon in the pub the next day was theΒ way to go. The bright red-painted front of the building was inviting and with the weather being the ‘the best it had been all summer’ we chose to sit in the beer garden, complete with beautiful views across the harbour.

Tobermory Harbour

Next came the most difficult decision; what to order! I opted for a cool glass of the house white wine, and with being in Scotland, I felt that the only food to choose would have to be something really local.

Grilled split local langoustines in a herb butter, served with local brown bread and fresh leaf garnish.’

Creel caught langoustines

I have always wanted to try locally sourced langoustines and I’m really glad I chose them. Perfectly cooked and still tasting on the sea, they were quite simply, amazing. The herb butter wasn’t overpowering and complimented the rich buttery taste of the seafood.

The bread, freshly baked and soft was a perfect accompaniment and allowed for excess juices to be soaked up and enjoyed. Having to take the time to remove the shell from the flesh only enhanced the experience and for that, I don’t mind having to get messy.



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