Brunch at the Flying Childers – Chatsworth House

There is nothing I like more than visiting stately homes and enjoying the foods they have on offer. So, a recent visit to Chatsworth House was another perfect opportunity to try something new.

A visit to the Flying Childers was on the cards. I have been to Chatsworth several times and haven’t eaten here. As soon as we walked in, we were pleasantly welcomed by the staff who seated as a lovely table already set out for three people.

The crockery and cutlery were classic and beautiful. The restaurant uses Wedgwood in a partnership which meant that my raspberry tea, my Mum’s mint tea and my sister’s cappuccino were perfectly presented. Its amazing how a good cup and saucer can make things taste even better!

Wedgwood at the Flying Childers

On to the food! On arrival, we were told that the brunch menu was all cold. I will admit that, at first, I was a bit apprehensive about this but that soon vanished.

I decided to go for the duck eggs and truffle oil. Whilst I couldn’t actually taste any truffle oil, the rest of the plate was amazing. All the vegetables were amazingly green and fresh, shavings of parmesan just added the little bit of salt and the tarragon mayonnaise just gave a hit of ‘zing’ to the amazingly rich duck eggs.

I came away inspired to recreate this for lunch…one day.

My Mum went for the avocado and crab with smoked salmon and toasts and my sister had the mushroom and spinach frittata. Both of them thoroughly enjoyed their food and it all looked so pretty!

Overall, the Flying Childers was a welcome retreat from other eating areas that were busy and crowded. The food was fresh and invigorating and made for a wonderful way to start our day.



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